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Multiple parts for multiple uses

Manifold Tags

Manifold tags, or multi-part tags as they are also called, can be produced with up to four parts. These can be produced with the traditional carbon insert or use NCR (carbonless) material. Bonds are available in White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, or can be floodcoated to a custom color. The base material can be any of our paper stocks or .010 NCR and can be printed on one or both sides. The bonds can only be printed on one side. Printed or crash numbering is also available.

When an outdoor application requires multiple parts, the top ply can be one of our synthetic stocks such as Tyvek┬«. One of our synthetic HDPE materials could be used as the base of the multi-part tag.  Also, manifold tags can use a pressure sensitive material to give the option of a tag or label.

For deeper information about our capabilities, go to our options or resources pages. For a quotation, call 1-800-331-4863, e-mail or visit our Contact Us form.

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