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Track your products with custom numbering


There are many details to consider when including numbering on tags and labels. The size and position on the printed piece, and static or consecutive are just a few of the decisions that need to be made about numbering. We can help you determine these details based on the readability you need for your tag or label.

Available numbering type sizes range from 3/32” up to 1-1/2”. Badger can print one or multiple number positions on each tag or label. Our manifold tags can accommodate crashed or printed numbers.

Barcodes are a common element that drives most of the business and consumer interactions in today’s marketplace. Badger can print consecutive, static, machine readable and human readable codes. We can print many different types of barcodes including UPC, QR, Code 128, Code 39 and many more.  

For deeper information about our capabilities, go to our options or resources pages. For a quotation, call 1-800-331-4863, e-mail or visit our Contact Us form.

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