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The label proof looks beautiful. Please tell the artist it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the terrific service, that's why I keep coming back to Badger. I recommend you too, whenever I talk about labels with other businesses.


Thank you. You are so pleasant to work with!

Mary Lou

Danuta, you have done such a wonderful job in getting our parts to us in an incredibly quick time and we really appreciate that. You are super woman to us. Please continue with the process application of the label for this order. Thanks again for all you do.


They [the labels] look great! As usual Badger Tag & Label has exceeded their customers' needs and delivered an exceptional product. From start to finish ... your personal delivery cut shipping costs and your staff responses to our labels was especially noteworthy.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the labels that you made for us (and how quickly they arrived!). Thank you so much for all of your help, and I look forward to working with you again in the future when we need to order more of these labels, or should something new come my way.


Thank you for your help as always. Glad I found y'all.


Thank your entire team for us. We really appreciated the exceptional service.


Just received my order and I am very pleased. Thank everyone involved for exceeding my expectations. I wish I had known about you years ago. Would have made my life much easier. Look forward to seeing my other order you have in house. More orders to follow. Thanks!


Thank you and the Badger staff for the very quick turn on the labels we received today. Very much appreciated - they will go on the equipment before we ship!


You rock!! Many thanks to you and your team!


I just wanted to say that so far, everyone at your company has been so courteous.


Thank you Mary for checking! I wish more suppliers would provide this level of service. Please ship the full order complete tomorrow.


Thanks so much. You are a real pleasure to work with! I hope we can partner again on other projects.


To me your e-mail sounded like an angel from long ago, "I bring you good tidings!". Maybe not quite the magnitude of the tidings the angel shared but I'm sure my customer will appreciate it! :)
Thanks for your help, Rita.


Just wanted to give you a heads up that it has been agreed upon that you are now our go to supplier for our serialized labels. Thanks for all your time and attention in finding a label to help us reduce our cost and we look forward to doing business with you for many years to come. Hopefully moving forward we can find a masking solution that is adequate and does not remove any of the ink when the masking is removed.
Also you should be seeing another PO for 20,000 labels today.


The tags arrived yesterday afternoon … they look GREAT! Thanks to you and the other folks at Badger Tag who were all so helpful.


Barb, Kelli and Tom all had their moments of glory with regard to our order. Many steps were taken to be certain the proper specs and artwork were in order. This primarily was the work of Tom as he and I had several conversations about the artwork my customer had provided to me. He was very concerned that the job would not print to my satisfaction or his, and after several emails and art reviews, we got it right. His attention to detail and quality was greatly appreciated. Next, the paper was a concern as the sample I provided and the paper available did not match precisely. I believe it was Barb who followed through with mailing available stock samples of which one was perfect and the order was on its way again. I had discussions concerning delivery on this order with Barb and Kelli. I explained this was a new order for a new customer and an improved delivery would be very helpful. No promises although the gals did say they would see what they could do. (Which normally means "quit asking and we will have the order to you when we said."). I made arrangements for special shipping on the order to get a partial to my customer and let them know of the expected delivery. They were not very happy but understood. A few days later, Kelli or Barb called and said there was an opening on the press and they could squeeze the order in. I was delighted and sure enough the order arrived at least 10 days early as promised. The tag was produced perfectly and I was praised by my customer for a job done very well.

I would like to thank all involved for their valued efforts on this order. Badger Tag & Label has earned my respect and I will look for ways to continue to work with your company. Many thanks,


I just wanted to let you know that those laminated logo labels you did for us are working out fine. We are almost done barcoding them. Now we have to get them shipped to Africa and hope that part goes well. Thanks again for working with us to get them done and done right.


Thank you Badger Tag & Label for your excellent service and turn around on our hot little job!! Look forward to working with you again.


Thank you so much!!!!! The order is here already!!!!!!


I just received a call from our St. Louis office. They wanted me to know that you have done a really great job in helping us get all these orders priced and entered. Your personal assistance and flexibility are genuinely appreciated by all of us. I’m glad to see that you see this as a partnership, and we both will win by getting the client exactly what they want, when they want it. There will be many more orders in the future, and when we get into a position to manage the inventory, there will be much less pressure to get the orders entered and shipped so quickly.


Thank you for all your diligent and prioritized work on this issue … great thanks!


Thanks for personally taking the time to provide me with the information I requested. Your company has always treated me as if I’m your only client even though my purchases have been small. Continued success.


Thank you very much. You are a wonderful company to work with. Quality, price and a fantastic and professional customer service department. And the AP/AR department has been fantastic.


Just got the tags - they look fantastic! I am pretty sure that wasn't a very big job for you but you executed it with a great deal of precision. I am so glad somebody can still do that. Big thanks from all of us.


Badger Tag and Label is so easy to work with and their products are very high quality with great pricing. They had exactly what we needed, we received updates on our order, our order was delivered in a timely manner, and everyone I talked with was very pleasant. We will continue to do business with them in the future.


Just want to say I am very impressed with you guys thus far. I realize 300 bucks is not a lot of money, but you all have treated this like a real thing. Our normal company that made all of our other labels for us hardly answered the phone, would not get back to me timely, and stated they could "not find our account". Seriously, just don't get how in these tuff times people don't get it. Every customer is important and crucial to making it these days. Oh well, enough ranting. I will get you a PO. Thanks.


Just wanted you to hear that we are happy with the log decals. One of our problems in the past has been the decals not adhering to the plastic fenders of dirt bikes. I'm told your decals are adhering very well. I also stuck a couple on our company truck. Just thought you would want to hear that we are happy with the work. Thanks.


Just wanted to thank you and your staff for the quick turn-around on the labels! Really appreciate the service and quality. Thanks again.


I just wanted to thank you for your help with rushing our order! Please pass along my thanks to your production people and/or whoever had to hand work this order. Badger Tag's teamwork made our job much easier and helped my end customer out with a crisis.


Nice job on the blue tags! I love them!


I just want to extend a huge thank you for shipping this order out early. Our customer was truly urgent for these parts and this is truly appreciated!


Susan, truly a big thank you to you and Kelli and the whole Badger team for all your help!


Just wanted to thank you and your team for getting this job out so quickly!! Appreciate that!


We are very happy with how the new labels look! Thank you so much for all of your help with these.


Thank you for the excellent service!


Thank you Badger Tag & Label for your excellent service. Once again your business has provided us a reliable product - fast!


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