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The type of wiring or stringing done on your tags and labels will depend on the end use you have for them. We can work through the best choice with you. Generally pulled through and knotted (PTK) stringing means a closed end and looping refers to an open end. We have machines to attach the standard wires or strings but can accommodate unusual lengths by attaching them by hand.

Wires are available in galvanized or copper and can be attached with double or single ends. The most common wires are the galvanized in 12”, 26 gauge, but 23 gauge is also available.

PTK cotton strings have the knot at the end of the strings. The loop lengths can range from 3-1/4” to 6-1/4”. Looped strings (two loose ends) can have string lengths from 12” up to 16” in total length. The standard color for strings is white but we do have other assorted colors available. White is the most commonly used color of elastic string, however black is also available. Loop lengths of elastic can be from 2” to 3-1/2”

We can add strips of double stick tape to your tags, ranging in widths from 1/2" up to 2". Our double stick tape comes in removable or permanent adhesives.

Hooks come in deadlock or safety lock, and meat varieties. The three types of hooks we carry are Diamond Blunt #16 Copper coated steel wire, Style A Meat/Deadlock (either name applies) Hooks #17 Tinned Steel wire or Diamond Sharp #16 Copper coated steel wire.

We also can provide loose plastic coated wires, galvanized wires (21, 23 or 26 gauge) or #5 poly strings. 

For deeper information about our capabilities, go to our options or resources pages. For a quotation, call 1-800-331-4863, e-mail or visit our Contact Us form.

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    Tags with wires attached

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    Tags with pulled through and knotted (PTK) cotton strings attached

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    Tags with looped cotton string attached

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    Tags with double stick tape

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    Tags with elastic string

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    Assorted attachment options for your tags.

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    Three loose hooks: (from left) blunt copper tag hook, blunt galvanized tag hook, and sharp copper tag hook

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    Loose plastic coated wires, wires and cotton strings