July 26, 2022

Digital Faceplates and Control Panels Ideal Solutions for Prototyping

Random Lake, WI –July 26, 2022 – Last year the global conventional and rapid prototyping market was valued at just over $22 billion. That is expected to continue to escalate and projected to be $78 billion by 2031.

For a rapid, functional prototype to be created to look exactly as the proposed final product, many companies count on printers to create custom faceplates and control panels.

Badger Tag & Label has offered digital printing and plotter die cutting for over ten years and has seen exponential growth in the requests for short-run pieces used on prototypes. Their wide format digital printing allows for full color plus white to encompass every color imaginable on substrates up to 1.75” thick. The photo quality reproduction and crisp resolution can be combined with lamination for even greater durability.

When the printing is combined with Badger’s Zünd plotter cutter, virtually any intricate cut and quantity are possible. Because no die costs are involved, this is a cost-effective method for a quantity as minimal as one finished piece. Both die and kiss cutting can be completed on the same piece.

“When companies use our services to design faceplates, control panels, and other graphics for their prototypes, the development process is quick and cost-effective. Those companies get feedback and identify any concerns during the development phase instead of after the final product is launched. We’ve even been able to offer options not considered when we are involved early on,” says Ryan Will, vice president at Badger.

smart display case5

One example of the ideal piece for this process was a self-contained testing kit. Badger’s customer engineered the technology, assembled the components and created the kit. Then they enlisted Badger to design and print the faceplates for both halves of the case as well as the exterior label. The customer shared the prototype with a number of potential clients and was able to validate market interest. They were then able to proceed to full production in a record timeframe.

While these digital control panels and faceplates are an alternative to the traditional metal versions, one area of metal that is exploding for Badger Tag & Label is Metalphoto.® When permanent identification is critical, this process seals the image inside anodized aluminum which makes it resistant to temperatures exceeding 700ºF, corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, and chemicals. Metalphoto stands up to the outdoor elements for over 20 years and it meets military specifications.

Badger Tag & Label Corporation produces tags and labels for customers throughout the nation.  Based in Random Lake, Wisconsin, the company is a third-generation, family owned, privately held business that began in 1935.  Badger prints flexographic and letterpress on paper and synthetic stocks and delivers the finished pieces in singles, rolls, sheets, ganged, or fanfolded.  They also have digital printing capabilities for production of short run and specialty projects.  With a variety of finishing options, Badger provides a custom piece from initial design and development through final delivery.

Contact Badger Tag & Label at 1-800-331-4863, sales@badgertag.com, or www.badgertag.com

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